Middle School  Orchestra

Congratulations to our 5 State-Level Auditioners for the All-State Orchestra!  (2016-2017)

Laura Kang

Emily Kim

​Geetha Kasibhatla

Kathryn Bruder


Enya Zhu

Congratulations to our  2016 GMEA All-State Orchestra member!
Kathryn Bruder, Viola



Students selected into the two All-State Orchestras are treated to a guest conductor and prepare a Saturday concert in Savannah with orchestra students from all over Georgia.

To ensure that students are prepared and represent our band well, they will play for the directors at various "performance checkpoints" before each audition:

Entry Form and Fees due: by Thursday, 8/30

Major Scales checkpoint: by Friday, 8/31

Etude checkpoint: by Friday, 9/14

Sight-Reading checkpoint: by Friday, 10/5

District Level Audition (1st round): Saturday, 10/13 @ Kell HS

Excerpt Checkpoint #1: by Wednesday, 12/19

Excerpt Checkpoint #2: by Thursday, 1/10

State Level Audition (final round): Saturday, 1/12 @ Westminster Academy

All-State Orchestras Weekend: Thursday, 2/28- Saturday, 3/2 @ Athens, GA

All-State Orchestras Permission Form (2018-2019)

GMEA website - Scales & Etudes 

GMEA All-State Orchestra