Congratulations to our 26 District Honor Orchestra Members! (2017)

Geetha Kasibhatla-Barnes Orchestra-2nd Violin-2nd Chair
Laura Kang-Barnes Orchestra-1st Violin-10th Chair
Greg Park-Barnes Orchestra-1st Violin-15th Chair
Isabella Dougherty-Barnes Orchestra-2nd Violin-8th Chair
Oscar Ding-Barnes Orchestra-1st Violin-19th Chair
David Haidari –Barnes Orchestra-2nd Violin-10th Chair
Noelle Rocheteau-Barnes Orchestra-2nd Violin-14th Chair
Ashley Jeong-Barnes Orchestra-2nd Violin-22nd Chair
Elliott Johnson-Barnes Orchestra-2nd Violin 24th Chair
Nandini Joshi-Dakon Orchestra-1st Violin 1st Chair
Alexandra Azaripour-Dakon Orchestra-2nd Violin 1st Chair
Christine Werts –Dakon Orchestra-1st Violin 8th Chair
Julie Yan-Dakon Orchestra-1st Violin-18th Chair
Sofia Destefano-Dakon Orchestra-2nd Violin 8th Chair

Diana Esmaeilzadeh-Dakon Orchestra-2nd Violin 11th Chair

Niti Mirkhelkar-Dakon Orchestra-2nd Violin 15th Chair

Emily Tartaglia-Dakon Orchestra-2nd Violin 17th Chair

Rohan Mathur-Barnes Orchestra-16th Chair
Nolene Hoffman-Dakon Orchestra-15th Chair

Amelie Sengupta-Dakon Orchestra-18th Chair

Enya Zhu-Barnes Orchestra-6th Chair
Angie Zhu-Barnes Orchestra-14th Chair
Melanie Zhang-Dakon Orchestra-5th Chair
Virginia Hadfield-Dakon Orchestra-7th Chair
Lauren Alterman-Dakon Orchestra-15th Chair

McKenna Clary-Dakon Orchestra-16th Chair


GMEA District XII Honor Orchestra

Students selected for the two District Honor Orchestras are treated to a guest conductor and prepare a Saturday concert with students from our district.

2016-2017 auditions for District Honor Orchestra will be held on Tuesday, January 31st at Sprayberry High School.

To ensure that students are prepared and represent our orchestra well, they will play for the directors at various "performance checkpoints" before the audition:
Entry Forms and Fees due                             Thursday, 12/14
Excerpt  Checkpoint                                        by Friday, 1/5
Sight-Reading checkpoint                              by Friday, 1/15
Audition                                                             Saturday, 1/20   @ Sprayberry High School
District Honor Orchestra Weekend             Friday, 3/23- Saturday, 3/24 @ McEachern High School


Middle School  Orchestra