Middle School  Orchestra


2017-2018 Orchestra Fundraiser!

 Purpose: Recruitment, Clinicians (professional musicians), LGPE fees, Bus Transportation, Recording fees, Website maintenance, Theater maintenance, Commissioning new music, Professional Development.

Items: Cookies, Cobblers, Cheesecakes, Breads, Pumpkin Rolls, Popcorn, Dips, Soups, Pizzas, and WoodWick scented candles.

Brochures:    Details    Savory Sensations brochure     Woodwick Candles Brochure

Fair Share Goal: 8 items per student

Dates: Tuesday, October 3 - Monday, October 16  (2 weeks and 2 weekends)

Orders & Check Turn-In:  

Monday, October 16
 Bring your money and orders to the Orchestra Room during your scheduled orchestra class.

Item Pick Up & Prize Day: TUESDAY, November 7, 1-7 pm in the Orchestra Room

Selling Tips:Selling Tips:
*  No unsupervised door-to-door sales.
 *  Sell to family, parents' co-workers, friends' parents, religious institutions, coaches, etc.
 *  Collect money UP FRONT - customers write a check to your parents, 
     your parents write one check to Hightower Trail Middle School Band.
 *  Your Fair Share goal is 8 items...you can do it!

Donations are accepted at any time, and are tax-deductable.  Make checks payable to

"Hightower Trail Middle School Orchestra", and submit in a School Payment Envelope.  

Average profit per item = $7.  We appreciate donations just as much as sales, but note that donations don't count toward the fundraiser company's prizes.