6th Grade Orchestra

One of the ways we evaluate student progress is to have them play specific exercises from Essential Elements individually.  They must show that they are using correct posture and have mastered the exercise to be considered proficient. 

Pass-offs are being put in the grade book as one grade per 9 week grading period.  For this grading period, students will need to pass-off 9 exercises at 10 points each by December 16th. This will show a much lower grade in Synergy ParentVue at the beginning because when they pass off the first exercise they will receive a 10 out of 90.   

 Students are able complete pass-offs before school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 8-8:45am and after school Monday-Thursday 4:15-5:00pm.  There will also be some class periods that are designated for completion of pass-offs.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Click Here for Pass-off Sheet 1


Middle School  Orchestra

Updates to the Synergy gradebook will be made as often as possible.

Note: The number listed as the "total grade" is not always an accurate reflection; 
some categories do not count until the end of the semester grading period.  

When looking at grades in ParentVue, change the term to the correct 6-week grading period (this tab is located above your child's schedule).


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