Conratulations to our 30 GMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival Participants 2019-2020

Angelina Lu, Violin

Aryan Joshi, Cello

Joshua Tenery, Viola

Kaitlyn Sung, Cello

Liam Dougherty, Cello

Faith Hughe, Violin

Halle Levine, Violin

Nicole Smith, Bass

Elise Barrett, Cello

Maya Little, Cello

Elena Garcia-Ferrer, Cello                                     Elsa Shilling, Viola

Hayagriv Giridharan, Violin                                  Piper Slorahn, Viola

Yashasvini Padmanabhan, Violin                         Zachary Annicelli, Bass

Anna Biorn, Cello

Knox Burnett, Violin

Giovanni Wemple, Viola

Tyler Sinclair, Violin

Erin Ding, Violin

Isabel Liu, Violin

Sophie Fang, Cello

Suchita Vanguri, Cello

Kate Carter, Violin

Kendall Michaud, Bass

Aryan Joshi, Cello

Brayden Moor, Viola

Ava Mumaw, Cello

Kate Storr, Cello

Julia Seixas, Cello

Gabriella Kobelkova, Violin

Isabella Auchtenburg, Violin

Riddhika Mukherjee, Violin





Middle School  Orchestra

Solo & Ensemble Festival provides 7th & 8th graders an opportunity to perform for an evaluator with an accompanist or with friends.  You'll receive valuable tips on how to improve your playing skills.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the festival will take place on Saturday, October 12th at Simpson Middle School. Students may perform a solo (with piano accompaniment) and/or up to two ensembles.

To ensure that students are prepared and represent our orchestra well, they will play for the directors at three "performance checkpoints" before the festival:

Entry Forms and Fees Due: 9/4 

Music Approval: by Friday 9/4
Performance Check Point #1: by Friday, 9/20
Performance checkpoint #2: by Friday, 10/4                         

Solo & Ensemble Festival: Saturday October 12 at Simpson Middle School

Solo & Ensemble Permission Form (2019-2020)